Friday, July 11, 2014

It's Been Real, Cornell

Today I woke up at 7:00, since I thought I'd do a little extra studying for my final. My class didn't start until 10:00 today but I wanted to cram as much knowledge into my head as possible so I could get a good grade on my final exam. After studying, I went to get breakfast at 9:00 only to see that most of the food was gone, so I opted for a muffin and some coffee. 

I rushed to class so I could get there as early as possible and get a few last conversations in with friends before our exam. The exam started at 10:10 and ended at 12:10. I knew most of the material but I'm still doubtful about whether or not I'll get an excellent grade or not. All I know is that I put my whole mind into that test and hope to do well.

After the final exam, we ate our final lunch at Trilium. I had a delicious salad today and after a while, we all went back to our dorms. I spent the rest of the evening packing until dinnertime.

For dinner, the cohort ate at a restaurant called The Heights. It's a small restaurant located not too far from the Cornell campus. For the first time, I tried escargot and I must say it was quite good. My main entree was just a few shrimps since I had filled up on the delicious appetizers. Those were very good as well, and for dessert I had chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The cake wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either. 
Escargot and a crab cake.

Chocolate cake with vanilla cake.

When we returned from The Heights, I visited Sue's hall and I actually fell in love with it. Paintings and murals covered the walls and it had sort of eeriness to it that I greatly appreciated. Also, Sue had a room in the corner which meant she and her roommate had a lot of space in their room.

Once I had finished touring Sue's hall, I went back to Donlon to hang out with friends a bit. We all said our goodbyes and it was quite sad. Although I formed great relationships with my friends, I was the most close with a girl named Morgan from New York. We both have a weird sense of humor and like to sing songs at the top of our lungs while dancing strangely. She promised she would say goodbye tomorrow but I'm glad we said our goodbyes today just in case.

I have loved my time here at Cornell, but I must say it will be nice to sleep in my bed tomorrow night. Goodnight!

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