Saturday, July 5, 2014

I'm Very Sleepy

Today I awoke at about nine after going to sleep at two fifteen, and was too groggy to go shower as I'd planned. I therefore spent half an hour trying to get up, and eventually picked up all my dirty clothing and went to meet Jun in the laundry room at ten. We started our washing machines, made an unsuccessful attempt at getting breakfast in RPCC, transferred our laundry to dryers, and went to lunch at eleven with Sue. After we'd come back and collected our clothing, I went up to my room and entered a half-dozing state for a while, sending a few emails but otherwise accomplishing nothing. Eventually I took my shower and started texting Sue and Jun to figure out whether our plans for an evening in Collegetown would materialize. Once I was told to meet up at seven in the Balch Arch, I realized that it was five-thirty and I was too hungry to wait so long for dinner. I therefore texted Jun, and we went up to RPCC to get a snack of soft-serve, using the ID-swipe we wouldn't need for dinner. 

With half an hour before leaving, I changed into a dress and tidied my room a little. At seven, I walked outside, where the rest of the Cornell cohort showed up within a few minutes. The walk down to Collegetown was only slightly longer than the walk to class. The Thai place we'd wanted to try was closed, so instead we went to the popular Collegetown Bagels. I had a toasted plain bagel with parsley-garlic cream cheese and a glass bottle of apple juice, which were both delicious. 

After we ate, we went next door to another place called Bear Necessities, but this one sold Cornell shirts and other paraphernalia rather than convenience-store goods. I searched unsuccessfully for shirts that were both good-looking and cheap enough to be worth the purchase. Then I went back to Collegetown Bagels and bought a Banana Split Smoothie, which involved banana, chocolate, hazelnut, and espresso, and which was delicious. Eventually Sue, Jun, and I left for our dorms together, moving slowly because we were taking pictures the whole way. The quality of my photos was very bad, because I'd brought only my itouch, which does terribly in anything other than broad daylight. Still, the grainy pictures reflect my grainy, sleep-deprived eyesight, adding realism to this post. 

While so far this has been a weekend of great fun, I feel thoroughly exhausted and the bags under my eyes are both large and dark. I plan to sleep quite late tomorrow, go to the famous Ithaca Farmer's Market for a bit with Sue and Jun, and then spend the rest of the day working on class readings and the essay. Tomorrow should be quite nice. 

While this coming week will no doubt be educational, impactful, and fun, I find myself becoming drained by life in North Balch, where many afternoons a guy comes into the lounge directly below my room to play the piano and sing the same verse from the same song for up to three hours, and by cafeteria food, which is seeming more bland by the day. However, this freedom still makes it worth it. 

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