Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Philosopher King Asked Me what the Essence of Knowledge Is

Sorry that I already took a bite and the camera is clearly blurry.
 Okay weird story, okay not that weird. I may have woken up around 6:00 AM and hit the snooze button on the alarm set up on my phone, but it didn't wake me up a few minutes later or even at all. What happened was I woke up at 8:00 AM and found my phone on the floor, therefore it was too far away from me to wake me up sadly. I have never found myself to wake up this late, but I made haste and coped with it. My morning mentality was already in super-drive yet I still felt as if it was a normal day. I got to class around 8:50 AM (class starts at 9:00 AM) with a classmate from Brazil, and on the way there we talked about the shocking Brazil game yesterday, the essay due tomorrow and what not. Part of the conversation felt like a foreshadowing to the rest of my day--and it was dead on correct. 

The lecture began with Professor Kramnick making comments on the Brazil game and how the people of Brazil will be restless unless some other distraction is implemented (he correlated this to Karl Marx later). The lecture was a continuation of Marx's teachings and really hit whatever else we didn't discuss of the Communist Manifesto. One of the more interesting parts of the lecture was explaining how the switch from capitalism to Communism in Marx's view was a two step evolution. The first step would be the proletariat (common working class) overthrowing the bourgeoisie and putting them at the bottom of society. At the same time, the state would end its loyalty to the bourgeoisie and begin its allegiance with the proletariat. The next and final step to full Communism would be when all the classes dissolved together as well as the government ceasing to exist. Only until then would a government be considered a true communist nation, although Marx couldn't really explain what would come of this new situation. Why? You may ask. Well the answer is simply because, he didn't know. He presumably didn't know because in a society where everyone was in the same class, where else would the class struggle reside? I do not want to expand on this any further, it would take up far too much space. 
The struggle is real: it took ~7 minutes to load, in order to print.

Later on in discussion and writing workshop we further discussed the context of the Communist Manifesto. More importantly, we worked on our essays (luckily I brought my laptop) and asked Vijay a whole ton of questions. During this time I restructured my thesis and introduction in general, expanded my meaning of morality and what exactly what the essence of knowledge is and how it makes philosophers such good decision makers. During office hours, I consulted Vijay and seemed to be in accordance with my new thesis and intro (he had no objections) as well as my explanations of morality and the essence of knowledge which he at first questioned me about in my first draft, a week ago. If you're wondering from the title if Vijay is a P.K., then you are correct--his explanations are easy to follow and insightful.
Crab Rangoon at midnight, I honestly shared half of it.

Afterwords I went back to my dorm and fell asleep for about an hour or so, I woke up around 6:23 PM and then went to dinner. At the RPCC lobby Chan-Law went over the "deets" of the last few days which is something else to think about while stressing about the final and the essay. After dinner, I set to my essay editing, I worked with/got feedback from about five people from one of my cohort members, to fellow f & j'ers from my floor to even my RCA who took the class two years ago. All of these edits were very helpful and from past experience I know for a fact the more people that take a look at your essay and revise, the better it will become. Ultimately all lies in the hands of Vijay my TA and I heeded all of his steps, therefore suppose I should be fine (but then again it's never a good thing to assume).
I didn't share the chicken fried rice on the other hand, nor have I finished it at the moment.

Oh how little time there is left to study and for just about everything else (sorry for being melodramatic). Time is too precious to throw away. Test time approaches.

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  1. Kevin, Sally Fraser, here. I am Natalie's mom. I want to wish you well on studying for your final exam and to let you know that I have very much enjoyed reading your blogs each day. All the best!