Sunday, July 13, 2014

And It All Ends

I woke up to my alarm clock at 8AM in the morning. Seeing that this will be my last morning in North Balch Hall room 3114, I studied my surroundings; memorizing where I've been all these three weeks.
Cornell's North Campus
I peeked out the window to see the beautiful North Campus and waved good-bye. I scheduled my check-out appointment at 9:15AM so I can rush to the already waiting Mr. Chan-Law and Katelyn. The RCA that came to my room was unexpectedly precise, looking at every single corner of the room. This was her job to examine everything, but the amount of time she took was too long. It took her 20 minutes just to check my part of the room, and thus that resulted in me being late for the meeting with Mr. Chan-Law. At 9:30AM, the RCA was finally done and I rushed to the elevator. Unfortunately, the elevator had stopped working just as I was getting on, and the ending was me carrying all my luggage downstairs (thank god it was just one flight of stairs) and the RCA following behind. She watched me as I returned my key into the slot before letting me go outside the dorm hall. After all this, I was finally settled in the car that would take us to the Statler Auditorium for the last time. 
Saying goodbye to the stairs I've climbed for the last three weeks~
As though it may seem that a summer college graduation isn't that big of a deal, it was. The graduation started off with Reneta explaining what we were three weeks ago, and what became of us today. Then, we had surprise speeches from our fellow peers, including Katelyn! They were presenting to the parents what we've been doing these three weeks. Then came the certificates and our final report. I was surprised as to our final report being printed and nicely binded in a report folder for us.( Just on a side note, we turned in our final report yesterday.) After the ceremony, we commemorated with selfies, photos with TA's, and picture with the professor. It was a chaotic thirty minutes! Today was probably the most selfies taken by me in less than an hour. 
One of the many: Misha and I!

Lunch inside Statler Hotel followed after the graduation. The Statler Hotel was 'gorges'. Our cohort dined at Taverna Banfi for our last lunch together. I was never so glad that this was finally over, but also sad that our fancy schmancy dinners and lunches have came to an end, too. 
Hand cut pasta~

After lunch, we still had two more hours until our flight to Philadelphia, so Carla suggested that we go to Dairy Bar, an on-campus ice cream shop. After thirty minutes of walking on unpaven roads, we finally found the place. I ordered a scoop of Ezra's Morning Cup while everyone else went for the classics. 
Ezra's Morning Cup! yummmm
Our flight took off at three or so and we arrived at Philadelphia at 4:25PM. Mr. Chan-Law told us to pick our dinner from the choices at the food court. I grabbed myself a Philly Cheesesteak (since we're at Philadelphia). Boy, it was bland. I guess airport food will remain airport food. Our flight took off to SFO at 6:30PM. After series of waking and sleeping, the flight attendant announced that we would be landing shortly. Following her announcement, the plane skipped a bit but we landed safely. I was never so glad to see my parents at the baggage claim. 

As though it may seem that this might be the last of our blogs, it isn't. A reflection blog to summarize from the start of the trip will be posted. San Francisco, home, sweet home!


  1. Congratulations on your (first) college graduation! :) Sounds like a stressful but also exciting last day. I like how you took a moment to remember where you lived for the three weeks you were there. Welcome home!

    1. Thank you! And yes, I was mesmerized by my surroundings when I first got to Cornell, and still was when I woke up yesterday morning. Everything seemed so surreal; I felt like I'm still there working my butt off in my dorm room! Haha, but it feels so glad to be back home!