Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Inside Scoop

Only two more days until the final exam! But before that, I have a final paper which is due tomorrow. Oh my! These next two days may probably be the most intense out of the three weeks I've been here. But before discussing what is going to happen in the subsequent days, I'll focus on today first. 
Today's lecture followed on Karl Marx once again. In this continuation lecture, we focused on Marx's communist principles rather than his critiques on the capitalist system. The discussion session helped clear up some of the confusions I had on Marx and TA Vijay basically let us work on our essays during our last writing workshop. I remember referring to everything as the "first" three weeks ago. And now, it's either last or penultimate. Wow. Time flies pretty quickly. In fact, I'll be back home by Saturday night. 

After attending TA Vijay's office hours and studying at the library, it was time for the "Inside Scoop on College Admissions Workshop." This workshop is only offered to students who attend Cornell's Summer College on a scholarship so I was definitely among the privileged few to attend. So thanks to ILC for this opportunity! Here, three admissions officers walked us through the process of the Common App. And one thing I loved about this was that they focused on admissions in general rather focusing the entire workshop on only Cornell University. I found this really helpful as it reinforced some of the ideas I heard about admissions and allowed me to get a full-on perspective of the Common App -- something I didn't really know about before.

As per the weather, today had nothing too strange to complain about. It was just the occasional showers and nothing as massive as yesterday's storm. Until tomorrow's adventures, goodbye from Ithaca! 

My roommate and I signaling the chameleon name tags on my door.


  1. Hi Sue, Sorry if you get this twice. I don't think the fist time went through. I am Sally, Natalie's mom. I want to let you know that I have very much enjoyed following your day-to-day routines over this past month and I want to wish you well on your final exam Friday. All the best!

    1. Thank you so much! This really means a lot.