Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Fatigued

Today marked the beginning of the last week at Cornell. Time sure went by fast and we are already finishing off the summer program. It felt as if yesterday that I had sat down for the first time in class, nervous about what's to come. Now that today's over, there's officially three more days until graduation. 

Knowing the front row seats are first come first serve, I woke up at 6:30AM to get breakfast right when RPCC opens, which is at 7AM. Consuming about what I would normally eat: scrambled eggs, french toast, and honey sausages, I saw the always early bird Katelyn already sitting down munching on her boiled egg. We discussed about the Service Reading Quiz that might take place today in the morning and found a study guide on Quizlet. Around 7:20AM, we walked to class together under the unusual chilly weather. Today was probably the first time walking to class while wearing a sweater. It wasn't as cold in the morning as California, but breezy enough for a jacket. When we got to class, we were the first ones to arrive. Maybe it's because of the long three day weekend that the usual first comers were absent from their spot. By 8:30AM, everyone was situated in their respective groups and our surprise from the professor was announced. 

The quiz that was supposed to take place after lunch got cancelled. We were happy about it...for approximately one minute. The second part of our news came in after our last week's game plan was introduced to us. Apparently, our Service quiz has been postponed until tomorrow. This was a rather reasonable act upon changing our schedule since two guest speakers came to speak to us today; Greg and Heather. Greg is the current Food and Beverage Director of The Statler Hotel and Heather is an admissions officer for Cornell University, SHA applicants in particular. 

Greg talked to us about his three years of experience as the F&B Director of The Statler Hotel. Being a 28 year old director of The Statler Hotel isn't easy. Balancing his schedule between the converse of his boss and underlings is hard. Heather, on the other hand was basically giving us an overview of the Cornell admission process. It's very similar to other universities. She based her presentation on Hotel School's standards since she was giving an overview to potential hotelies. 

After the info session, we started office hours one hour before the usual time so that resulted in us leaving at 5:15PM. I went back to my dorm and chilled until our 6:30PM meeting with Mr. Chan-Law. We discussed about the itinerary and what's to come for this Friday and Saturday. After stuffing my hungry self with pasta and cake, I went back to my dorm to clean myself off from the sticky rain residue. At 8:10PM, Natalie met up with me in the study lounge (the one with air conditioning, thank god) to blog. It was quiet without that much people for once. But now that my blog is coming to an end for today, there are two cliques inside the lounge right now, being VERY loud. If it were not for the AC, my butt would be out of here this instant.

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