Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sundae on a Sunday

Waiting in line at the farmer's market
Last night I had a bit of trouble going to sleep and laid in bed for a few hours until I finally went to sleep at around 2:45. This presented a bit of a struggle for me to wake up at 10:30 to meet with the cohort since I knew we were all going to the farmer's market at 11:30. However, I managed to get up and we all met up on time, with the exception of Kevin who opted out. 

At the farmer's market there were various stands ranging from fresh-squeezed juice to homemade t-shirts to beautiful flower bouquets. Although the venue was small, it contained many fascinating stands to choose from. I decided to buy an orange juice with a bit of beet juice mixed in and also a little set containing rose water, lavender lip balm and lavender body butter. I also wanted to buy a necklace but decided not to since I never wear jewelry anyways.

A lake outside of the farmer's market

Ducks wandering around the lake
After the farmer's market, we went to eat at an ice cream place called Purity. I had a small sundae with coffee ice cream, heath bar, and hot fudge. The size was very small and perfect and the ice cream was delicious. I was satisfied with Purity.

Sundae from Purity
Upon returning from Purity, I began to read a bit for my homework assignment. I did that on and off until dinnertime but I could not focus. My friends and I then had the bright idea to gather together to do our work but ended up not doing anything. It's now midnight but I think if I stay up for a few extra minutes then I could finish my work easily. I don't wake up until 8:00, after all. 

Tomorrow is the first day of our last week and I'm starting to feel bittersweet but I'm going to make the most out of it!

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