Sunday, July 6, 2014

Something is Aloof and I’m Not Sure if it’s Fixable

Today I finally came to the consensus that I should never try sleeping without having my alarm set up for a reasonable time even when I’m sleeping in.  I woke up around 9:00 AM and went back to sleep, then I woke up again and freaked out at the time on my watch and then realized I should’ve woken up a long time ago.  I sprinted out of bed, did my regular routine and then walked to Bear Necessities for food since everything else was closed down for about two hours. There I ordered a whole ton of food, which included a turkey burger, a hot dog and some fries and let me tell you it was not worth it. I clearly remember my traumatizing experience last time with ordering food from there and now I will officially never buy hot food from there ever again because this time the food was bland, partially-soggy, and I asked for chili for my dog and instead there was cheese. Ironically, it was a good thing that the food wasn’t good and that I didn’t receive what I ordered because if I did, I would’ve ended up eating the food, thus worsening my already horrible college diet.

The ingenious idea that will keep our room forever fresh and amazingly cold. The fans ventilate infinite fresh air to our rooms.
I brought the food to my dorm for a reason, and that was to get started on my essay revision immediately after. My original essay was precise on content, except my TA wanted it structured a different way—so this took a while to complete. I even got one of my floor-mates, Cameron, to help me revise my original and from his edits my essay seems a whole lot better than what my TA wants me to do. As good as Cameron’s edits seem, all power resides in the final say of my TA, so therefore I’m ultimately going to follow his specific instructions on restructuring my essay. Then again, for “peace” of mind (and because I’m partially crazy) I’m making two 2nd drafts: one following his restructuring and another following my floor-mate's edits. Now it is time to bombard my TA during office hours all this week.

The entire cohort went to dinner at 6:30 PM and they told me how the Ithaca Farmer’s Market was like for them and how they all got some ice-cream from some legendary locality. I’m jealous, but sleeping in is also something to envy—but not as much as feasting on delicious ice-cream that has a good chance of being a once in a lifetime opportunity, sad emoji + *weeping silently. I didn’t eat as much as usual for dinner today, perhaps it was the fact that I ate bad food today, or the fact that I was stressing about my essay or even something else I’m not quite sure about, that was my fault, happened last week and has been haunting me ever since. Then again for all I know I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill. Only time may tell.

As for now, I’ll continue working on my essays. Not sure if I’ll be content by the end of the day. Until then! And sorry for only having one picture on the blog today, I was physically idle for the majority of the day.

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