Thursday, July 10, 2014

Final Time

Today Professor Kramnick gave us our last lecture. It was about slavery, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm x and civil rights all in one. The topic is pretty common, so he didn't go too in-depth about it, but gave us enough to refresh our minds. At the end of his lecture, he said his goodbyes to us. Although he wasn't my real teacher, I really liked learning from him and I'm really happy to say I got the chance to take his class before his retirement.

The goodbye speech went a little over time so our discussion was a little short today. We learned the general differences between MLK and Malcolm X and then Vijay also gave us a news article about reparations for the African-Americans from the Atlantic. I had already heard about the article, but I'm excited to read it in its entirety and will probably read it on the 5 hour flight home from Philadelphia.

Lunch was normal and I sat with a few girls from my class. After lunch, Professor Kramnick gave a review session that was quite helpful, then I went back to my dorm. I hung out for a bit then began to study for the final. After a few hours I decided I was hungry and Katelyn was as well so we had an early dinner. 

Following dinner, I met up with some students from my class to study, like we did last time. We compiled all the information we had about these thinkers into one document and shared it with everyone. That last for about an hour and a half until 8:30 and then I went on a run.

After my run, Katelyn was barely coming back from class and we were both hungry so we went to Bear Necessities to pick up some snacks for fuel. I then returned to my class to finish studying. I'm still a little bit scared for the final tomorrow but I'm going to wake up early tomorrow to study some more.

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