Saturday, July 5, 2014

Snoozing on a Saturday

Yeah, I wish. I fell asleep around 2:30 AM last night, hoping for a good night's sleep, but no. I woke up promptly at 8 o'clock. I had no plans for today, but I decided to get up anyway and do my laundry. After I came back up from the basement, I went back and forth between working on assignments and watching Netflix. I was actually productive, considering it was Saturday morning.

Around noon I decided to take a walk. I called my mom, who was also walking on the other side of the country and we talked for a whole hour. She told me my AP exam scores because you can't access them on the East Coast yet. It started to get hot outside, so I went back to my room, relaxed, and then went to lunch with Carla and Kevin. 

It was only 2:30 PM so I decided to try and rest. I laid in bed until 5 o'clock. I went for a short jog and worked out. By the time I got back, I had to take a shower because we (my cohort) all decided to go eat dinner at a Thai restaurant in Collegetown. So I hurried to shower. We were walking by 7:00 PM. Collegetown is about a 20 minute walk, but Cornell's campus is beautiful, so it wasn't a hassle or anything.

When we got to Collegetown, we found out the thai restaurant was closed. So we settled for Collegetown Bagels an eclectic coffee shop with a variety of foods. I decided to order a pesto wrap and I shared chips with Sue. They shop had tons of drink options, so for dessert I ordered a smoothie. There was too much orange juice in it, but it must have been good because it was gone in 5 minutes. 

Next to the coffee shop is Bear Necessities, a Cornell souvenir store. Everything was so cheap! I ended up buying all my family's souvenirs there. Anyway everyone got bored in the store so Carla and I, after a huge purchase, went exploring. We didn't find much. Collegetown isn't as eventful as I thought. We ended up taking the long way home. Afterwards, Carla came over to my room and helped me pack all the souvenirs. We hung out a little past check-in and now it is time for bed. I'm not sure what my plans for tomorrow are, but you soon shall see!  
Cool "As Seen on TV" drinks
Yummy desserts

Fruit Wellness smoothie

Such a cute eatery 
I went a little bold today with my dinner choice.

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