Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vindication of the Rights to Utilize Caffeine

It happened again. Another winged insect with black and yellow stripes invaded my property--perhaps it was the same wasp. It was around 5:30 AM and as I was getting ready to get one final "kram" in, the little beast was zooming around the room. I woke up my roommate and we both ran outside. We eventually allowed for the wasp to leave the room and we quickly ran back in and shut the door. I wonder what are we to do of this. Completing an early morning routine, I stayed at my dorm studying until 7:24 AM and then left to the RPCC with a double espresso + creme can in my hand. Turns out that everyone pretty much skipped breakfast and went to some coffee shops near Goldwin Smith Hall and were studying there. I followed suit and got a frappucino with creme and came early to the lecture hall and made use of the time I had left. 

They were passing the ball and its hard to see.
The test itself wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. There were three essay prompts to choose from and eight quotes, of which five had to be selected to explain and include significance(s). I'm not quite sure if we are allowed to discuss the content of the test, so therefore I will withhold further details. After the test, everyone seemed very confident with what they wrote and we all deduced that there may be some very strict grading that might be implemented. Not too long after the one hour and ten minute test, Professor Kramnick began the lecture on feminism. This was basically all a prelude to the texts we were going to be reading, which include the works of Marie-Olympes de Gouges, Mary Wollstonecraft, John Stuart Mill and even Adam Smith. Professor Kramnick went over how Western roots, basically Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian emphasized that women were inferior. It's weird to think of a time where women were thought of as less than human and basically sold as livestock. 

Women at this time in history didn't have much to look forward to and for the most part, marriage was the highlight of their lives. Women came to be associated with all forms of evil and inferiority in the world and at the same time were considered caring/nurturing--contradictions seem to be never--ending in history. During discussion we went over some of the lecture, where Vijay explained the "cult of domesticity" when it was brought up in discussion, went over what was considered feminine/masculine at one point in history was considered the opposite, etc. I asked him a question that I knew would possibly stump him and that was whether capitalism emerged out of Protestantism and he gave me a short explanation that in order to answer that question a lot of sources would have to be consulted since this is a famous debate in history and even then it would still only be opinion--which is why I still hold to the belief that it actually did. Other than discuss philosophy and history we also went through the Cornell crash course of what plagiarism is, it turns out that all of us got at least something wrong (including Vijay) at some point. 
A storm was a brewin!
When class was over, we all ventured back to our dorms and I decided to take a nap (I burned out from all the caffeine in my system). Right after the nap I was planning on jogging, but shortly after I woke up, Sue contacted me and said we were to meet with an associate director of CUSC (Janna Bugliosi) as soon as possible. I'm not quite sure what time I woke up, but I was out of Mary Donlon at around 4:12 PM and while walking to Day Hall I eventually was told that doors would close at 4:30 PM--so I ran in the sweltering heat. I managed to make it on time and there in the building we were directed to a room where we were asked questions on our experience so far. It was great feeling to know that Cornell actually wanted to hear our feedback and was more than determined to make summer college better suited for everyone. 

Late night snack provided by roommate.
Right after we went back to our dorms, there wasn't much time to jog so I just started homework early. Right before dinner today we met up with Chan-Law to discuss the upcoming Niagara Falls trip on Friday and we basically are going to be gone the entire day. After dinner, I decided to study in the conference room on my floor and was accompanied by some fellow floor-mates. We ended up talking about different types of government around the world and how political tensions between certain countries were. Eventually some more people came and began to play a game similar to soccer and I went back to the confines of my room to study in a more subtle place. I'm tired and I'm going to sleep now so that I can talk about how feminism gained influence "out of nowhere" and how capitalism came from an island tomorrow.

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