Monday, July 7, 2014

Work Hard, Play Hard

Today was a pretty normal day, despite the fire alarm at 6:00 AM. After Professor Kramnick gave his lecture, we all met up for the writing workshop given by our TA Vijay. I had forgotten to print out my essay in the morning so I rushed to print it in the last minutes before class started again. I made it back to class, even though it had already started, but I hadn't missed much. Next time I'll make sure to print out everything I need before class.

After class, a few of us attended a college admissions workshop. We all struggled to find the auditorium it was being held in, but finally found it and although some people thought that the workshop wasn't very helpful, I thought it was interesting. We were able to read a few personal statements written by students that had been accepted into Cornell. Some were fantastic and others not so fantastic, and it showed that essays aren't everything when it comes to college admissions. Also, it showed that although some of us thought some were bad, others thought the essays were brilliant.

Following the workshop, Kevin, Sue, our friend Lisa, and I went to a café to study a bit. I tried to read but was unsuccessful since my shoes and clothes were wet so I was mostly uncomfortable and couldn't focus. Instead I went back to my dorm and was able to read for a while.

When I had read for a long time, the cohort met up at RPCC. Mr. Chan-Law gave us the details of our departure and as he was telling us about our final moments together, we all got a bit sad. On the other hand, though, it'll be nice to see my family after almost a month.

For dinner today, I settled on pasta and sushi as an afterthought. I promised myself I wouldn't eat dessert but I couldn't help myself since there was delicious raspberry fudge ice cream. I grabbed a few scoops then headed back to my dorm. I've been reading for a while now, but it's time to sleep now or else I'll be extremely tired tomorrow.

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