Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sleep And Play And Work

Today I awoke at ten after some much-needed sleep and went to lunch at eleven with the female sub-cohort, and then we met up with Mr. Chan-Law and went to the Farmer's Market of Ithaca. After a short struggle to find parking, we entered a large, open wooden structure which housed the stalls. The contents of the market seemed mostly the same as those of any other farmer's market: fresh organic produce, handmade jewelry, handmade accessories, juice and hummus and soap, etc. I found everything to be either too quirky or too expensive for me, but it was fun to look.  

After a bit at the Farmer's Market, Mr. Chan-Law took us to Purity Ice Cream. The shop itself had a strange and unpleasant smell, but the menu was phenomenal and and ice cream was sublime. I got a double scoop of chocolate-cherry in a waffle cone adorned with chocolate and nuts. The combination of nuts and cherry was a little strange, but the ice cream was the best I've ever had. 

Back at North Balch, I settled down to do my reading and essay writing. The reading was dense and all about economics - not my best subject. At six-thirty I went up to RPCC and ate dinner with the entire cohort. I was still rather full from my huge ice cream, so I just had a bean salad. After dinner I went straight to Olin Library so that I could work on essay revisions while Vijay was having office hours. I left at nine, when the library closed and the sun was almost gone.  

Back at North Balch, I continued working on my essay until about eleven-twenty. The new version follows a better logical progression through Plato's arguments, or at least explains them better. I hope Vijay will see improvement. 

I should be in bed a little past midnight tonight. Tomorrow morning is the first bit of our final week here. There won't be much time to enjoy it, however, because it's time to settle down for the final exam. 

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