Friday, July 11, 2014

Last '14 Cornell Cohort Dinner

I started my morning thirty minutes later than usual. Since our class for today didn't start until 9AM, I decided it was ok to wake up 7:30AM. I ended up with a few minutes to spare after eating breakfast at RPCC for the last time with Lily. She was going to take the early bus to New York City to catch her flight to Nashville at La Guardia Airport. Course wrap ups and evaluations carried throughout the morning. Sobs were heard throughout the halls when pictures from the first day was shown on the projector. I was kind of sad when Group 3A's photo was cropped. Our fourth member, Peter Park, left the group on the third day. Mark did some tweaks here and there and thus the "Peterless" picture was created. 

Time between 10:30AM-12PM was left for us to finish up our CHESS report, whether it's printing, editing, or proofreading, all TA's were there to assist us in any way possible. Everyone (I think) finished within the time limit and all the groups went out to celebrate this glorious day. Our group went to collegetown to get tapioca drinks. I was surprised when Patrick said he has never tried tapioca before. To keep it safe, he ordered the same drink as me. Afterwards, we hugged and said our good-byes before parting ways. Here's a little selfie to commemorate our time together:
From left to right: Patrick Bauer, myself, and Lily
As I walked back to my dorm, I was taking screenshots of the scenery from the Statler Hotel to North Campus. It will be instilled inside my memory as to all the tears and joy I've experienced throughout these three weeks. I immediately started packing after eating lunch. Realizing that not all of my belongings would fit into the limited suitcase space, I sacrificed some of my bathroom essentials: lint roller, instruction manuals, and half-used lotions. Then, while glancing up the clock, it read 5:30PM so Natalie and I used our dinner quota to get ice cream. Yes, ice cream. I think Natalie's addiction to sweets has grown throughout this adventure. After the ice cream trip to RPCC, we headed back to our dorm rooms to get ready for our dinner at 7PM. We dined at The Heights, which was literally a five minute drive away from Cornell's North Campus. Mr. Chan-Law ordered some interesting appetizers to start our last fancy dinner, some of which included: escargot and pork belly. Here are some of the amazing dishes we ordered.
Are you interested in snails?: Garlicky Escargot
Mr. Chan-Law and Kevin's overload entree: Signature Hand Cut Steak
My entree choice: Argentinian Roasted Pork Shoulder
My dessert choice: Creme Burlee
Natalie, Sue, and Carla's order: Signature Chocolate Cake
My mind hasn't fully adapted to the upheaval of myself as a whole. I watched myself grow during these four weeks and never would I have thought I would achieve such things if it weren't for this trip. Ill save all mushy contents for later.

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