Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sniffles and Sweats

While summer should consist of sweating and running, it's totally possible to neglect the running part from the equation. What I've realized as a major problem here in Ithaca is that it is crazily hot. The thing is, though, my classroom is below 70 degrees. The walk from my dorm to the Statler Auditorium is the essential obstacle I have to overcome; walking in the 90 degrees weather with long sleeves and jeans. When I reached the doorstep of the auditorium, I was sweating like I've just ran a marathon.

Today was Excel day. I wouldn't explain it as National Excel Day just yet, because the more complex functions had yet be shown to us. Everyday in class with Reneta and Mark as professors, you'll always learn something new. And, everyday's knowledge gained here is equivalent to three weeks back home. Such a fast paced class like Hotel Operations Management: Tactics for Profitability makes you on top of your game, whether you like it or not. This one point proved to me that procrastination is utterly unacceptable in college (I already know that procrastination is undesirable in high school, but having Cornell professors enforcing it made my determination set to never procrastinate). 

Having introduced Excel functions for three hours can get tough, but its a substantial part of this class: calculating profit through Excel. Also, it is Mark who is teaching Excel to you, so how can you get bored? We resumed Excel practice right after lunch, and that was when my bladder hit me. Part of me felt like I can hold it in for two hours and the other part was like, "Just ask the TA if I can go use the restroom.". Class barely started forty minutes ago and I couldn't take it anymore. I asked the TA and rushed towards the comp lab exit. While running off towards the bathroom, I could hear faint laughs and Mark asking if I was ditching. Never am I going to drink three cups of lemonade right before the start of class; Never.

After today's lecture, our Individual Memo CHESS report will be due tomorrow by 9PM. Trust me, we will need the time from 8AM-9PM. Instead of thinking that you'll be stuck in a classroom for 12 hours, think about how much you'll be able to attain and achieve within a day. Also, last year's participants had to work on July 4th, so I was relieved that our assignment's due tomorrow and not on a holiday. 

And as I'm finishing my blog here in this humid, sweaty weather at 9:30PM, I got a hold of Natalie's fan and off I begin typing my report...
From left to right: Water, Fan, Blogging + Report Typing Tool, and a Companion

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