Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ithaca Fireworks

To save the best for last, I'm going to start with boring news. As you might have heard from Katelyn and I, our class ranged from 8-9PM today. It was work, work, and more work. Lunch took up one hour and that was it for stepping outside the auditorium. A few ten minute breaks were approved by Reneta and Mark when they felt like the room's filled with sleepyheads.

Registering everything Reneta said in the lecture and Mark in computer labs, we were given at 3:30PM to get started on our report. At first I thought, "three 'till nine is plenty of hours to work on my report" but later on I realized that I was rushed to type my conclusion because it was two minutes before the computers shut down.

After the laborious day today, my friends invited me to watch fireworks at 9:30PM. Fireworks are lovely and it helps lighten up your mood. Finishing 9PM today made me want to take a little journey to the west campus and watch the amazing fireworks displayed at Cornell. Here are a few pictures to share with you guys:
Cornell Clocktower @ 10PM
Ithaca's sky at night
Viewers like myself (sorry about the bad resolution)
I am so excited for tomorrow's Niagara Falls trip! Tomorrow will be a jam-packed day, I just know it.

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