Friday, July 11, 2014

And it's a Wrap

With my certificate of completion
I woke up this morning with a kind of determination. As much as I wanted to simply get over today's final, I wanted to finish strong. After some quick review with friends at breakfast, I felt rather prepared. So when I walked in, I told myself that I would try my best and hope for the best. As soon as the exam booklets were handed out, I began writing and answering the essay prompts (there were three essays and 5 identifications). I wrote for two hours straight and even had to ask for an extra exam booklet because I ran out of paper. But when I submitted the answer booklet to Vijay, I felt rather accomplished. In return, he handed me my certificate for completing Cornell Summer College. I shook Professor Kramnick's hand and thanked him for being a great professor. After our discussion group photo in front of Cornell's clock tower, it was time for lunch. 
A picture with Vijay and our discussion group
Before the exam, Professor Kramnick had pointed out that he would be willing to sign his book The Godless Constitution if we buy a copy and drop it off in his office. In fact, he even offered to mail the signed copy to our homes. So after lunch, I stopped by the bookstore, got myself a copy of Professor Kramnick's book and headed to White Hall so that I would be able to drop the book off in his office. I can't wait to receive a signed copy of this book! I'll certainly be looking at the mail more carefully when I get home. 

As much as I thought packing would require tons of effort and a strategic mind, the packed turned out pretty well. I was able to fit everything in without too much hassle. 

Isn't it beautiful?
Soon we went for our last dinner as a cohort to Heights, a restaurant located in Ithaca. I went rather light today. All I had was a salad, ravioli with eggplant, and chocolate cake. The highlight of the dinner had to be the chocolate cake. It was huge and could be shared among almost three people. But apart from the surprising size, it was rather dry but it sure was beautiful to look at. 

Honestly, when I first walked in, I thought I wouldn't be so connected with Cornell since I'd only be here for three weeks. But the experience and people that I've found here have made me feel reluctant to leave. It's almost as if I've made a bond with the school itself. I'll definitely be missing this place because for the three weeks that I've been here, I've been able to see a part of the world that I've never even considered before. Ithaca (specifically Cornell University) is truly a wonderful place and perhaps it should be a target in everyone's list of must-see places. 
Goodbye Cornell!

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