Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

As you can tell, today is Canada Day! This is a day when the unification of Canada is celebrated and although I am neither Canadian nor have I been to Canada, my friend Lisa is from Canada so we helped her celebrate it a little (kinda).

Anyways, today started off on a good note. I decided to sleep in a bit and got out of bed at 7:30 instead of 7:00. I got ready awfully quick today and I was at the RPCC by 8:00. I had coffee and a poppy seed muffin for breakfast, which were both very good.

During lecture, Professor Kramnick finished his lesson about John Locke. He explained to us a bit more what the pre-lim is going to be like tomorrow and I have to say, I'm very intimidated since it is all writing, but I'm hoping the studying I've done has helped. Lunch was spent with other students from class, going over what we don't understand from the class.

In the afternoon we had a guest lecturer named Sean Peacock. He's a lawyer form Ithaca and he told us how he barely graduated high school without doing any work and worked odd jobs for 7 years until he decided to study Philosophy at Queens College. After graduation, he went to law school and become a lawyer. 

I was very impressed by his motivation to succeed despite his failures in high school. He then continued to tell us about a case where there was sexual discrimination and abuse of power involved, but the police that committed the crime was never prosecuted. Justice isn't always served. 

After class, a few of us met at the library to study. However, we could not concentrate so we all moved on to the lounge at Mary Donlon, where we were a lot more productive. A good third of our class met to study for our test tomorrow. We all decided to order some Insomnia Cookies as well, which are delicious!

The infamously delicious Insomnia Cookies.
Studying hard at the lounge.

I'm scared for the test, but I'm really hoping the studying helped.

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