Saturday, July 5, 2014

Slow Saturday

My sandwich from Collegetown Bagels or "CTB". 
I woke up quite late today, at around 11:45. I decided to clean up my side of the dorm a bit then do some laundry, since I had a bag full of clothes to wash. After doing some cleaning, I met up with Katelyn and Kevin at the RPCC. Katelyn tried to get me to do exercise afterward and I was in the mood to but then I got sleepy all of a sudden and decided against it. 

A menu of coffee based on TV characters.
A bulk of my time was spent on YouTube and at around 7:00, the cohort met up to go to CollegeTown. We had decided to eat Thai food but upon arriving to the restaurant, we realized it was closed and decided to go to Collegetown Bagels. I bought a panini with turkey, avocado and cheese and it was very good. For dessert, I had an iced coffee based on the character Piper Chapman from my new favorite show Orange is the New Black and it was quite delicious.

Afterwards, we went to a store next door that sold Cornell gear. I bought my cousins some t-shirts. Kevin, Jun, Natalie and Sue decided they would head back to campus but Katelyn and I spent some time looking at all the different stores and talking to some friends from our classes, then went back to Katelyn's dorm to hang out a bit before check-in.
Collegetown Bagels

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