Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Half-Way There

Today turned out well because I finally got the Preliminary Exam over with. Phew! What a relief. However, there is a final which is creeping up around the corner. The exam consisted of a 40 minute essay response and 5 short answers where we identified the philosophers. It wasn't too bad, but I still don't want to make any assumptions before I get the exam back. We'll just have to wait and see.

Once everyone finished their exams, Professor Kramnick gave us an intro to feminism which was
The next philosopher to discover: Wollstonecraft
quite interesting. It was intriguing to see how much the society has progressed regarding females, and tomorrow we'll start discussing the importance of authors like Mary Wollstonecraft and J.S. Mill and their insights on feminism for their time. Following this section and lunch was the writing workshop. Today's concern was plagiarism. As a group, we looked at different sources and works of students and decided whether the work was plagiarized or not. So yes, today went quite smoothly regarding academics.

Later in the day, the rest of the Freedom and Justice cohort and I went to see Janna, the associate director of Cornell Summer College. This meeting was to see how our experiences have been so far and whether we had any complaints. I thought this was extremely sweet of her to take time off and invite us just to get our feedback. She welcomed us into the conference room and made all of us feel very comfortable and brought a casual atmosphere. Little things like this makes us feel very special, knowing that there is someone who actually implements our opinions in order to make our experience more enjoyable here at Ithaca. So this is for Janna: Thank you very much!

Afterwards, Carla and I wanted to go to the Dairy Barn a place in Cornell where we can see the ice cream being made. I love ice cream, but I mean who doesn't? We got ourselves very excited, only to find out that it closes at 4 p.m and it was 5:20 when we exited Janna's office. What a bummer. Hey, but I figured out what adventure to pursue some time this weekend or next week! Dairy Barn here we come! 
Ice cream!

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