Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Great to Be Back in the Bay

If you read my last blog, then you'll know that I fell asleep while blogging. This time around I really just fell asleep as soon as I was about to blog--sorry. I guess I should begin with my morning. I woke up a little after the 7:45 AM to the sound of my roommate Jantzen packing his clothes. He was in a hurry and said he needed to be in the airport in less than five minutes. We bid our farewells because it was more than likely going to be the last time we were going to see each other. On another note, I certainly to an extent had the feeling of being late as well. You see, with my time at Cornell, I certainly did not purchase enough souvenirs (I only bought one shirt to give)  to bring back home for family and friends. Therefore I had to no doubt buy some more. I checked the listings on the Cornell website the day before and found there to be only one store open within my jogging reach and that was the Cornell gift shop at the Statler Hotel. It wouldn't be the first time I jogged to a Cornell store to buy something for someone. Either way, I began jogging there around 9:05 AM and got there around 9:15 AM and was sad to see such a rather small selection compared to the two-story Cornell Bookstore. It didn't matter, I bought a few key chain trinkets, a few shirts, some pens and even a mug. I decided not to run back with the precious souvenirs (I walked), so I came back to my dorm around 9:44 AM with a 10 AM check-out practically pending. I re-stuffed my luggage, finished cleaning my side of the room, did my check-out inspection, turned in my keys in the lobby, took out the trash, turned in my linens, etc. and I sadly came out of the building at 10:17 AM when the goal time was a little after 10 AM. 
A building that Bill Gates donated at Cornell University.

We checked in the majority of our check-ins at the Ithaca airport and then went to the Statler Hotel for Katelyn and Jun's graduation ceremony (that just finished). We all went to eat at the restaurant in the Statler Hotel and Chan-Law again reminded us that this was going to be our last great meal so I made sure to order well. I ordered the baby iceberg salad and the crab cake sandwich and they were both excellent. I've had crab sandwiches before, but this one took the cake. 
Generously proportioned baby iceberg lettuce.

Best crab cake sandwich ever.
Flavor: Cornellia's Dark Secret. We went to Dairy Bar at Cornell after lunch, for some delicious ice-cream.

Afterwards, we all went to the airport and finished our checking in of everything and we had about a little over an hour to kill. I for one was still lacking much sleep and had no caffeine in my system, thus I was falling asleep. I got some Coca-Cola from a vending machine and stayed awake for the majority of the flight there. When we got to Philadelphia for our transfer, we had an even longer amount of time to kill and had dinner there too. I had Chick-fil-A (I decided to try this because I've never had it before) with Mr. Chan-Law and we both thought it was horrible. We got onto the plane not too long after with two other Summer College companions and while I was walking down the plane aisle, a man looked at me and said "There are quite a few Cornell Bears here, how many of you are there?" I responded by saying "About eight of us."(taking the other two into mind). He asked what we were doing at Cornell over the summer and I told him summer college and he nodded with an approving look on his face. 
The propeller plane once again.

I had the window side next to the propeller.

PHL International, it's size reminds me of O'Hare.

During the flight, there was really next to no point to stay awake when the people to my left and right were asleep and I had a middle seat. I was asleep for about 2 and half hours of the flight, half awake another two hours of the flight and pondering/daydreaming/thinking/anything else one does still awake with a dead phone while on a plane flight. 

Back in the Bay, not sure if this is San Jose or some part of San Mateo County. Photo by Mr. Chan-Law.
When we left the plane, we went to baggage claim where we were gradually meeting up with our respective family members. My parents came shortly after I arrived to baggage claim and I remember I was just happy to back on "native" land again. Shortly after talking with Mr. Chan-Law for a while and bidding goodbyes to fellow cohort members. We left SFO and arrived home around I forgot what time. The entire car ride and at home for about an hour more, I was talking to my parents, retelling them my experiences for about the past month. I was extremely tired by the time I got home and after eating food I decided I would blog on my bed, but fell asleep with my laptop right in front of me. When I woke up, I began watching the World Cup Final (it's still ongoing as I write this blog) I was truly glad to be back home and reminisce of what I had to remember.

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