Thursday, July 10, 2014

Aboard a Bullet Train

Final Exam tomorrow! I literally walked into class three weeks ago and within a blink of an eye, I'm about to finish a college course on political theory. For some reason, I feel like I aboarded one of those bullet trains; everything goes by just so fast. 

In class, we discussed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. It was super interesting because it involves issues that we are much more familiar with. Since MLK and Malcolm X were rather modern thinkers, their ideas on racial equality were much easier to follow along.

After the usual Trillium pizza for lunch, (recently, I've had a hard time finding something better than pizza) I attended Professor Kramnick's question and answer session. Basically, Professor Kramnick answered any question that we had. So I went with a prepared question. Mine concerned the feminist thinker Olympe de Gouges. It went something like this: Why is that de Gouges emphasize the negative aspects of women if she is a feminist writer? And to support this question, I offered Professor Kramnick a quote from de Gouges's writing: "Women have done more evil than good." To answer this, Professor Kramnick explained that it is not a woman's natural essence to act that evil but it is the society that brands women as such. 

Anyways, the highlight of my day came towards the end of this session. For so long, I've been wanting to ask Professor Kramnick whether if I can take a picture with him, but I've just been so nervous to even approach him. It's not because he's intimidating, but rather I was just waiting for the perfect time to ask. But I finally had decided that if I don't ask now, I may regret this forever.  I went up to him and asked for a picture. And he said of course with a gleaming smile. But to top this off, he also mentioned Hercules (the city I'm from) right before taking the picture. And this made me feel rather special as he was able to remember the name of a city (most people have told me that they've had a hard time finding it on Google Maps.) Then, he mentioned that he had given a speech there in 2009.
And here's the picture! :)
Well tomorrow is the exam and I better get a good night's sleep. So I will now go to bed and I'm looking forward to sharing my "final" Summer College experience at Cornell with you tomorrow.

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