Saturday, July 5, 2014

California Dreamin but not with the The Mamas & the Papas

College Town street that we turned around on.
I didn't know what time I was going to wake up this morning, so I wasn't really expecting much to come out of today, even though I planned to kill off a heap of homework. Well I SLEPT IN, and by that I mean, I woke up around 10:35 AM. I felt really droopy, so I made sure to take my time doing my regular morning routine and eventually went to RPCC to have "breakfast" with Carla and Katelyn. After breakfast--where I did not devour that much, I thought it was a great idea to do laundry. I gathered all my whites and colored (too lazy to do mediums) and put them in separate washers to wash and put them into a single dryer (with a large gap of time in between washing and drying). Something to note, I ran out of detergent today, I wonder if that will prove to be a problem--I'll have to be careful and make sure if my roommate is willing to let me use some of his.

After laundry I ironed some t-shirts that had a generous portions of wrinkles in them and then set to a long nap and skyping with some friends. During this time, our cohort confirmed that we were to meet up at Balch at 7:00 PM for dinner. It was weird because we would never meet up at Balch ever for dinner and this time we just happened to arrange that, instead of meeting up at RPCC. Therefore I didn't bring anything with me, no backpack, hat or sunglasses. When I got there, they informed me that we were to eat at College Town and that made a whole lot of sense. Either way, it was a long walk in the chill/no too hot afternoon.
College Town Bagel counter area.
California Dreamin sandwich with vitamin water.
At first we scoured College Town, looking for a decent place to eat instead of the regular pizzeria or hamburger place (epitome of American college food), so we walked up and down two streets and gave up. By "gave up" I mean that we just settled on the famed shop called "College Town Bagels." I was looking forward to getting a bagel and instead got a sizable sandwich called "California Dreamin." It was actually a pretty generous portion of turkey breast, on whole grain thick cut bread, avocado chunks and some form of coleslaw, the only thing that bothered me was that, I could make it myself. Moving on, as we dispersed from the shop, I was still hungry thanks to this morning and I bought  a bagel (I had to have one if I came here) with cheese, marinara sauce, ham and pineapple on top. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be because I ordered it on multi-grain bread which was a bad idea in general--so I might've set myself up for that one.
One of my elusive blurry pictures, sorry guys.

Right after, the girls decided to go to both Starbucks and Bear Necessities (Cornell apparel shop), so I
 decided to give the bear place a look. I absolutely almost died of boredom from looking at the same type of Cornell souvenirs and clothes so many times, I knew I could get tired from seeing some sort of Cornell shop every two days. Although the girls on the other hand were drawn in to the various items that were possibly on sale, while I just wandered aimlessly around the store looking at the cracks in floor and cheesy poster rack in the back of the store. Soon enough while an hour or so in the shop, my cohort seemed fine with me leaving to "home" a bit early so I took advantage of the situation and went back on the 24 minute expedition. On the way there, I was fortunate enough for me to be walking during the sunset hour with my cellphone in hand and snapped a few pictures of campus. 

When I got back, I went to the man-cave of the conference room on my floor and joined in on the addicting board game of Risk. As we played on, we got hungry and ordered a ton of food from two places. A contingent of us cheapskates ordered food from Domino's while the others ordered from College Town Pizza. Both options were good and we had a giant feast. After eating like kings, we all had a giant conversation about Cornell campus life, west coast brands vs. east coast brands, roommates, trending topics of the day and more that I don't remember at the moment. It carried out for a while until everyone realized we had to get back to school in far less than two days from now and went to bed. That was just about my day today, time to fight homework with a passion tomorrow.

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