Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Time to Work

Today's morning was very normal. I went to get breakfast at RPCC then walked to class with Natalie and our Turkish friend Ekin. Class started shortly after that and the Professor gave us a lecture about Marx today, finishing what he had started yesterday. We then had a discussion about it with Vijay, as always, then headed out to lunch. For lunch today I had Chinese food, which was actually pretty good. The only downside to it was the brown rice, since brown rice always tastes very bland, but the lo mein and sesame chicken were both very good.

During writing workshop, we went over some common grammatical errors then got to work on our essays which are due tomorrow. Unfortunately, my laptop had died already and I didn't have my charger with me, so I just read our homework assignment instead. 

After class, I went to my room to work a bit on my essay since it needs a lot of tweaking. I did that until about 5:00, which is when I watched the Argentina v. Netherlands game then went to have dinner. We usually all have dinner together at 6:30 but I was starving so I ate on my own, but I didn't mind. I had eggplant for the first time today and I actually loved it, which I was surprised at.

Following dinner, I went back to work on my essay then met up with Mr. Chan-Law and the cohort at RPCC. We discussed our final plans for Friday and Saturday then went on with our lives. The soccer game had gone overtime and we met up during the penalty kicks, so we saw all the final action.  I couldn't decide which team I wanted to go for, since Argentine has eliminated Mexico twice in the World Cup and the Netherlands eliminated them this year. I'm pretty sure Germany's going to win anyways.

Since then, I have been working on my essay and am struggling with it, but hope to finish soon. Tomorrow's our last lecture, which will be bittersweet, but I will mostly be glad to almost be going home!

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  1. Carla, I am Sally, Natalie's mom. I just want to let you know that it has been a pleasure following your day-to-day adventures over this past month. I also want to wish you the best on your final exam tomorrow!