Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Restful Day

Now that two weeks have passed, one week is left for us to be at Cornell. While everyone was sleep deprived and stressed during the first two weeks (and still is), we are now slowly reminiscing over all the memories we have created in this short period of time. I, personally, thought four weeks would progress slowly, but now that I had a busy-free day to look back in the past, time flew past

Today was the official Saturday that the Hotelies didn't have anything going on. Last week's Saturday was PowerPoints and presentations while this Saturday was chilling and hanging out with my cohort. Natalie, Sue, and I skipped breakfast and went to RPCC for lunch. When I got to RPCC, all the foods looked unappetizing, so I went for watermelons. I ate at least a 5-person share, crazy right? 

After a watermelon lunch, I headed back to my dorm to fold my laundry and do some work. I managed to stay awake to fold my laundry but a five hour long nap took place right after. By the time I was awake, it was 5:00PM. I got a text from Natalie just then if I was interested into getting ice cream from the RPCC. Our cohort decided yesterday to go get dinner at collegetown, so Natalie went to RPCC mainly to satisfy her daily ice cream addiction. We met up at the Balch Courtyard at 7PM and off we went to collegetown. Thai food was our choice until we saw the closed sign. Not knowing what to choose, Katelyn decided that Ithaca Bagel Place was where we should go. The Hawaiian pizza bagel I ordered was tasty.
Hawaiian Pizza Bagel accompanied by Cream Soda
Bear Necessities #2 (there's another Bear Necessities located on the first floor of RPCC) was right next to the bagel shop. Shopping, of course, followed suit. 

The walk back to the campus lured me into capturing exotic pictures. Here are a few:
The stairs was what made me take the pic.

Castle-like building: Law School
How pretty can Cornell get?

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