Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Utterly Unbelievable: 7-1???

Unbelievable. They have made history. Not necessarily the history they wanted to make though. The emotions of their players and fans were shown live. It was a tragic moment for both the team and their supporters. As the host country, even if you lose, you must lose in honor. If Oscar didn't shoot the last goal, there would be no remnants of Brazilian pride onward. 
As I glanced up from my mushy pillow, my phone read 7:00AM. My regular morning routine carried out and the t-shirts of elimination followed. At 7:30AM, I was ready to grab some breakfast and study for the Contribution Statement quiz happening today. Also, today's guest lecture was the lecture I've been waiting for: Valuing the Market. The title itself is self-explanatory; how our economy works. It captured my attention ever since my first look at the syllabus. 

As the day carried on, I longed for the clock to tick to 2:00PM for the guest lecturer to start his/her amazing story. I was waiting to be inspired in the area of marketing. I waited and waited for Reneta and Mark to say something about it, but lecture on housekeeping went on and on. Evenually, the classed ended without a guest speaker coming. I was disappointed as to why there were no mentions of the guest. I guess he/she wasn't able to make it? Well, it was already a moody day for me until the World Cup started. Not necessarily rooting for Brazil to take home the World Cup at first, but this inner sincere feeling I felt for the team grew after seeing Neymar getting attacked last Friday. Even though mostly everyone inside Lab A was rooting and chanting for Germany's success on scoring, I was undoubtedly cheering on for Brazil. But who would've known that the defense has shattered completely after the absence of Thiago Silva. I was covering my eyes after seeing the 7-0 mark. This was my first time watching the World Cup, and the first time team I was rooting for lost...that badly. It seems to me that explanations are no longer needed as the whole internet has gone viral over Brazil's humiliation right on their homeland. Walking back towards RPCC with a disappointed attitude, I realized that I had left my flash drive in the lab so I had to run back to retrieve it. 

To sum it all up, today was marked, 'disappointing'.
The weather says so too.

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