Sunday, July 6, 2014

Triple Scoop Sea Salt Caramel

You might have guessed that ice cream was the highlight of my day. Having not too much or too little to do today, I woke up at 10AM: perfect for a Sunday.

Originally, Sue, Natalie, and I were planning on going to Ithaca Farmer's Market, but as time rolled towards 11:30AM, Katelyn and Carla joined us. Mr. Chan-Law met us at the lobby of RPCC to take us there. It was a short fifteen minute drive, but enough time to capture the morning view. When we got to the parking lot, there were unexpectedly a number of people there. It was definitely not crammed, but enough to get the music started!
Open-roofed market
After the whole browsing of the market, Mr.Chan-Law took us to Purity Ice Cream, a very popular ice cream shop around this neighborhood. I decided on picking a waffle cone accompanied by edges sprinkled with candy. And, of course, sea salt caramel flavor.
Triple Scoop~
The market itself carried cuisines from all across the globe. If I didn't eat my lunch at RPCC, I would've tried all the amazing foods at Farmers Market. Feeling a little bit thirsty, I went ahead and bought a carbonated summer cooler to freshen my afternoon. It looks and is organic. A paper straw was provided instead of a plastic one. I had a little trouble adapting to the weird texture of the straw but the drink suffices for it.
Paper straw. Hmmmm
After coming back from the Farmers Market, I had an hour before heading off to the optional office hours to get help on my report template. Turns out though, that our template's deadline got extended to Monday evening instead of the morning. That said, I still wanted to receive help from the TA's on what might to expect on the quiz for tomorrow.

It was a Sunday of happiness, yet its the last Sunday I'll be spending in Ithaca.

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