Thursday, July 3, 2014

On the Eve of Independence

Today was a very long day! Due to the fact that we don't have class tomorrow, anyway. In order to fulfill all of the lecture requirements, Professor Kramnick had to give us two lectures today. 

When I woke up today, I was practically drenched in sweat, which I was not particularly happy about. I decided to take a quick shower then head to the RPCC, only to find that the line to enter went down two flights of stairs due to the various summer camps that Cornell is hosting, so I decided to buy something at the cafe by my lecture hall instead. 

Lunch with Professor K
After buying some breakfast food and went into the lecture hall to hear the first of the Professor's lecture. He announced that today I would be having lunch with him which I was excited about. Lecture and discussion section went by very fast and I rushed to lunch to eat with the Professor and 5 other students. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet with him because not many professors would go through the trouble of planning lunch with students.

Insomnia Cookiewich
Following lunch, we had a guest speaker who taught us about the free enterprise system. It was interesting to hear all about trademarks and patents and how they work and protect inventors or creators. When his lecture was over, the Professor came to give his lecture and we were out of class by 4:00.

After class, I hung out with some classmates named Gabby and Victoria and they invited me to eat dinner with them and their friends. We had to run through the rain and the restaurant we ate at wasn't the best but I'm glad I got the chance to meet new people. We had Insomnia Cookies after and I ordered an ice cream sandwich since it reminded me of CREAM from back home in Berkeley.
Some new friends! 
Once we had all finished our food we went to see the fireworks that are commemorating the 4th of July. It took a while to get to a good place to see the show but we finally managed to get a good view. By the time we got back from the fireworks, it was time to check in and now I am preparing for our trip to Niagara Falls tomorrow. It's gonna be a lot of fun :-)

Waiting for the fireworks

Fireworks are almost starting!

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