Friday, July 11, 2014

The End of Kamp Kramnick

This morning I awoke at seven, unfortunately, because the girls next door were playing music. I stayed in bed until half past eight, then got up, got dressed, and went to RPCC for breakfast. I had potatoes, oatmeal, and coffee with several classmates and Sue, and at nine twenty we walked down to the lecture hall. There we were given ten minutes with the sheet of question choices to plan our essays, and then handed our little blue books and our two hours started. I spent the first hour writing the most complicated essay about Plato, Locke, and Marx's alternate views about how to change to a more ideal government, then spent twenty minutes each on two shorter essays, then twenty minutes on the identification questions. Although I was working at a rather rushed pace, I was on track with the prescribed time for each section within a minute or two, and my answers were complete if not brilliant. I won't know how I did on this final exam or on the final essay until they are mailed with my class grade to my house. 

After the final, we were handed the certificates saying we'd finished Summer College, since there was no building available for us to have a proper graduation. We took photos with Professor Kramnick and Vijay, and the headed to the Trillium for our last iffy lunch there. My grilled cheese and Pepsi were nice enough, but the pudding parfait that followed was not. 

After lunch, Sue and I walked to the bookstore so that I could buy a couple more postcards. Jun came in before Sue left, so I stayed with Jun while she shopped and then we walked back to North Balch. There I started packing. At five-thirty, we walked up to RPCC for ice cream, using the dinner swipe on our IDs because we'd be going out to eat later. I had raspberry and it was delicious. I continued packing in my room until about six-fifty, since I was already dressed up for the last day of class, and then went back to the RPCC lobby to meet Mr. Chan-Law and go to dinner. 

Our cohort ate at The Heights, a small but posh restaurants only a few minutes away. I had asparagus in some sort of delicious sauce for an appetizer, and a Caesar salad for the main course. Dessert was a huge slice of chocolate cake, which looked rather nicer than it tasted, and vanilla ice cream, adorned with a few blueberries and strawberries. I was seated next to Mr. Chan-Law, who ordered such a big steak plate that he continued working on it rather than have dessert. 

Once back in North Balch, I continued packing and was totally done by twelve-thirty. My roommate is scheduled to leave at five in the morning, and so I may or may not be awakened by a room inspection at that time. My own inspection is scheduled for nine-thirty, so I can sleep in a bit. 

It is a hard thought to absorb that our course here is finished, and that by this time tomorrow the entire trip will be too. 

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