Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Final Stage of Kramming is Coming to a Close

Last lecture with P.K..
I have always championed the iPhone over any other form of Android tomfoolery that the market has spit out, but now I have come to the recurring theme of questioning Apple's alarm system. I had an alarm set up for 6:00 AM and it woke me up, but the subsequent alarms failed in doing so and I woke up with just about an hour to go to class. It's not that I couldn't get to class within an hour, it's just that I had to go over to RPCC to print out my Platonic essay--I thought it was going to be crowded. To my surprise, it was not. Furthermore, I found fellow F & J'ers scratching out last minute essays without revision. I pity them, one of them even said he was going to sprint to class as soon as he was done. I comfortably walked with group that was headed to class, nothing to worry about. 

Being our last lecture, P.K. still went over the last philosophers: MLK and Malcolm X. They are both interesting liberals, agreeing that white moderates/or white people in general choose to negate the problem of segregation. MLK drew a lot of his teachings off of Christian theologians, such as St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and even Christ himself--making a full 360 degrees as Kramnick commonly referred to it as. Martin Luther King Jr. didn't advocate for violence, rather peaceful protest, but actually said within his Letter from the Birmingham Jail that if this unfair treatment of blacks continue then only violence will ensue. Then again, he wasn't necessarily calling for violence upon retaliation, only when it gets to the point where there is absolutely injustice. Malcolm X on the other hand believed in self-preservation where if one's safety was infringed--retaliation could be done.

Discussion today was just a quick review on MLK's and Malcolm X's philosophies, how similar and not so similar they were. Towards the end of the presentation Vijay bid us all a final goodbye and we all forgot to take selfies with him. Doesn't matter, he'll probably be at the final tomorrow. Watching us from the back row. 
The "last supper" at RPCC.

I didn't go to office hours today because I went to the review session today and really had no pending questions on my head.  Right after the review session I went to the lounge on my floor and began filling out the Cornell Summer Session evaluation. Afterwords I slept in my room and then went to dinner when I woke up. After dinner I immediately began my giant review (this blog is an interruption to my grand study marathon) starting with a review of MLK and Malcolm X and went chronologically backwards on the philosophers. I almost forgot I had to review the guest lectures as well and began on that after my San Franciscan friend Sophie reminded me in the lobby during check-in. 
The struggle is real, they ran out of double-shot expresso at Bear Necessities.

It's surreal to actually conceive the fact that the final (and last day of class) is tomorrow. I'm feeling confident and at the same time unsure, only studying will help give me mental reassurance.

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