Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stand Tall

Today was the longest day of the three weeks. Class ranged from 8:30-9:30PM. Today was the day where we would focus on getting our CHESS group report done and letting Mark proofread it. Office hours started right when we entered the hall so everyone was working vigorously once we got situated inside the Binenkorb labs. All chit chats were deliberately put aside and keyboards became alive.

When dinnertime rolled around, everyone was reluctant to go as if typing was more fascinating than eating. I was finishing up with the charts when Lily dragged me out of my seat. We quickly walked to Collegetown  Bagels (for the last time) and got a Thai salad with Peach Lemonade from Starbucks.
Getting salad from a bagel shop isn't such a 

After coming back from lunch, Reneta had several HEC videos to show us. I was inspired by the videos mainly because of its content. The HEC Board of Directors are individuals who's in their junior or senior year. The main purpose of the HEC is to accumulate the hospitality industrial leaders to Cornell to let them experience the well-trained students from the School of Hotel Administration (SHA). This weekend conference will no only be an exceptional training stage, but also a life-changing event. Many gets their talent recognized by hospitality leaders and is hired to work under them. Only HEC provides such a warm setting for you to know your future boss on a deeper level. 

Tomorrow is our long awaited graduation. Three weeks have passed in a flash. As I type this blog, I am preparing for our last day of class tomorrow. What's going to happen is that there will be course wrap-up and evaluations happening from 9-11AM. Reneta and Mark previously mentioned that the evaluations won't consume the whole time, so we would still have time to polish our report. 

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