Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Almost Time

It's about time. Our class will end officially on graduation day which is Saturday, but regular lectures and office hours will end tomorrow. What's going to happen is that our CHESS final group report will be due on Friday, but tomorrow will be the working day. Office hours for tomorrow is from 3-9:30PM. This may seem like a lot of hours (and it most definitely is), but trust me, we need them. The charts and matrices consume most of our time in particular.

Today's lecture followed after our transient displacement quiz. I studied the night before so I'm pretty sure I did well. Mark started the day with more advanced excel explanations and Group A went to the lab first to practice. He actually went slow this time so we can catch up. Because of that, I understood almost everything he taught us in the computer lab. After lunch, we were introduced to casinos and how they are constructed and managed. The video that shows the construction team building the CityCenter in Las Vegas was really interesting. They were pushed into constructing six top-notch buildings in less than five years. To do so, all constructions took place at the same time. All of these events took place during the depression, so building exquisite resorts weren't the best money-making thing to do. They ended up floors that's one-third the original price.

There's two more days until our flight back to California. I can't wait to go back and tell my family about my experience here at Cornell. Until then, I shall focus on making my final group report noteworthy.
Been here for almost three weeks already!


  1. Hi Jun, Sally here, Natalie's mom. I just want to wish you well on your final project and to say it's been really fun reading your nightly blogs. Sounds like you might be going to the Debate Institute at El Cerrito High School this summer. Hope to see you there!

    1. Thank you! Just turned in my final project earlier today and I'll be joining the debate camp at El Cerrito. So excited for another round of learning! See you there!