Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Halfway Home!

I should've listened to my mother. I drank some more of the green tea she said would keep me up. And it did. I tossed and turned until about 1:30 AM. But because of my nap, I think I'll be okay. I woke up early again to study for my pop quiz. I got ready surprisingly fast, so I got breakfast early, which was a good thing because now, besides summer college students and summer sports camp athletes , there are now several other groups populating RPCC. 

I left for school at the usual time when ran into Miranda, who I walked to class with. That pop quiz I thought I had, well, it didn't happen. What a relief that was. Unfortunately, I had a whole lot coming. The first hour and a half of class was a lecture by Reneta about understanding our CHESS data. This was followed by an hour lecture by Mark on Excel, which we will use to analyze the data from our CHESS simulation. Lunch was lunch, boring as usual. 

Back in room 396, group B got another lecture by Renta, this time about revenue management and forecasting. We watched an old how-to revenue manage video with really bad acting. This lecture was actually quite interesting, especially how forecasting certain things in a hotel requires you to analyze historical data AND trust your gut. Anyway, group be shuffled into the lab around 2 o'clock, where we got brutal hands-on practice with Excel. Excel is a program that is fun to use because there are just so many "toys" you can play with on there. I told my dad I would teach him how the use Excel when I'm home, so I'm looking forward to that.

During office hours, we worked on computing our CHESS data in Excel and began creating our report. Our report is this huge assignment that's due tomorrow. We have to stay in class until 9:00 PM!!! It's crazy.

Just missed Mark taking pictures of sleeping students
On another note, I found out two of my quiz grades. They were both B's. I'm not proud of them. One was 33/37 and the other was 22/27... My overall grade, I think is an 89%... So I was a little disappointed today, but I will not dwell. Instead, I will go jog. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hello Katelyn,
    Hang in are almost there (even though, it seems like you just got there). What an accomplishment you and your cohorts have achieved, thus far! Continue to study hard, as you have been, and keep moving forward.
    Love, Mom