Friday, July 11, 2014

It is Over

I woke up this morning still worrying about my group's final report. I ate a huge breakfast and made my way to class. Before allowing us to go to the lab, Reneta gave is our final lecture. She talked a lot about life. She explained the importance of making lasting relationship and the different meanings of success. It was "sappy", but I liked it. I like Reneta. She truly acted like a mother to all of us. After her sweet ending, we filled out group evaluations. I had nothing, but positive comments to write about my group. I filled out the sheet thoroughly because my group mates deserve tons of praise. 
Group 2B-We're determined 2B the best!
Having fun after turinng in our final report!
Afterwards, we went to the lab and edited our report. I will admit we were all very stressed, so we were starting to butt heads. But we managed to complete our assignment with only one print (that's a big deal when everyone else made around three copies each...). We could finally relax and take pictures! Sabrina and Yueyuan will not be coming to graduation tomorrow, so we had to say our final farewells. Today reminded me of how bittersweet tomorrow will be. 

Around 11:30 AM I went to RPCC with Katie for lunch. I ate fairly quickly because I had to go back to my class to go over what I'm saying at graduation tomorrow. By the way, I'm speaking at graduation tomorrow! It was going to be a surprise, but I just had to say it. I'll leave the details for tomorrow's blog...

 The meeting with my professor and some other secret stuff lasted about three hours, much longer than expected. I decided to relax and watch one episode of Scandal when I got back to my dorm. Before I knew it, I had to get ready for my cohort and I's last fancy dinner. Mr. Chan-Law took us to The Heights, which is only five minutes away from campus. Although the restaurant was a bit cramped, it was one of the nicest restaurants we have visited on this trip. We ordered calamari, pork belly, mussels, asparagus and escargot as appetizers. I wasn't feeling too adventurous tonight so I avoided the escargot, but the rest of the food was good. For my entrée, I ordered the Korean barbecue short ribs and, wow. I was so impressed. The meat was tender, literally falling off of the bone. My cohort and Mr. Chan-Law mocked me, but I in heaven. It may have been the best meat I ever had, besides my parents' dishes of course... 

I was too stuffed to order dessert, but I did eat the complimentary truffles they gave us. Those were okay. I'm generally not a fan of "fancy" food. It didn't taste as good as it looked. Then it was time to return to our dorms for our last night. I changed quickly into a baggy shirt and basketball shorts and went for a quick jog before settling in for the night.

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