Monday, June 2, 2014

An Engaging, Casual Meeting

This meeting of all ILCers gathering around Don would be the last before all cohorts travel to their respective destinations. Our dress code for this particular meeting, was casual. Thank god. After all those businesslike occasions wearing such fancy outfits made me miss wearing casual clothing to the ILC events. 

I was still at home doing my La Raza homework when my phone alarm rang at 5:00PM. It was time for the last official group gathering of all ILCers, and boy I can't be late for that, or else, as Don has stressed it far enough times for it to be instilled inside my head, you're scholarship will be revoked. Without further lazying around inside my room, I quickly grabbed a pen and hollered down the hall to let my mom know I was ready. Arriving 10 minutes before the designated time allowed me to take some quick glances at the loaner items that was available for checkout. Man, that sleek turquoise camera can probably use a temporary owner right now. 

The meeting started out with the basic info about our itineraries by Don. Every cohort has a distinct set of travel plans, but there are various ground rules that applied to all cohorts and Don emphasized that enough for ILCers to remember...and not forget. Most of the first session info was already covered during the tutorials, but the parents weren't there to listen, so Don was re-explaining some of the confusion along the way on how we, the ILCers, might have deciphered the message to our parents the wrong way. My mom later asked me how Don can keep talking on and on without forgetting what he says. I respond back by saying, "Hey, he's been doing this for 9 years and with the help of his pink clipboard!"

During the time interval between the first and second session, our chaperone got together the Cornell cohort and parents to hand out paperwork that needs to be filled, itineraries that are not yet verified, and potential traveling places to go. Considering the fact the Don has mentioned earlier in session one, none of the itineraries are 100% correct and up-to-date. It is subject to change with notice throughout the whole airplane-hotel-booking process. As mentioned before in previous blogs, the Cornell cohort would first be traveling to Saint Louis for two days; sightseeing and visiting Washington University. My jaws dropped open when I searched up where we're staying.
The Charles F, Knight Conference Center at St. Louis
After this packed two day schedule in Missouri, we would then head off towards Chicago to visit U Chicago for one day, and Northwestern for another. It just doesn't feel right to include only the baronial Knight Conference Center picture, so I'll go ahead and insert a picture of the charming Drake Hotel too.
The Drake Hotel
Once all of our college visits are over, we will arrive at Ithaca, NY just in time to check into Cornell dorms late Friday night. The following weekend will be planned by Cornell. I can't wait to initiate this journey.

Don ends the meeting with the second session affirming that while we have fun in the East coast, do not go crazy. Don't party all night and get drunk, skip classes, and most of all, be disrespectful towards anyone. There was an ILCer a few years back who one neglected these rules. Or more. What awaited for that ILCer was immediate removal from the summer college class and Ms. Kronenberg, the WCCUSD School Board Trustee, flying all the way to the East and dragging him/her back to the West coast. I think this gives a fair, solid warning to all of us.

Follow the rules, make connections on the plane to Ithaca until landing back in SFO, and learn all you can. I believe that by pursuing on these major points will result in a splendid study trip. Myself included.

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  1. The places you will be staying look very cool! I like the "major points" you listed to follow - sounds like a good plan! :)